Gauteng Dept of Education – Hot Jobs 2019

Job description

  • Clean and create an orderly working environment
  • Operate cleaning machines and basic maintenance thereof
  • Clean offices, staff room and classrooms.

Minimum requirements

  • SA Identity / SA Citizenship
  • No experience required.

Salary Level: 2
Salary scale: R 102 534 Per annum

Job description

  • General day to day support and caring of learners
  • Maintenance and cleaning of Hostels and equipment
  • Child care: cleaning, feeding, changing and clothing
  • Do necessary repairs to clothing (sew and repair)
  • Food propagations, set tables, wash dishes and kitchen cleaning
  • Do laundry
  • Assist in any fair request made the Hostel Manager
  • Day and night duty (shift hours).

Minimum requirements

  • AET Level 4/Grade 9 and 2-5 years of experience
  • Experience working with children with disabilities is recommended
  • Preference should be given to persons with special needs.

Salary Level: 3
Salary scale: R 122 595 Per annum

Job description

  • Present the cookery budget to the Hostel Manager
  • Prepare meals
  • Comply with dietary requirements
  • Do and oversee all the activities of the cooking processes
  • Determine in consultation with Hostel Manager the menu
  • Manage provisions of the kitchen
  • Do catering when requested
  • Responsible for hygiene of kitchen and equipment.

Minimum requirements

  • AET Level 4/Grade 9 and 2-5 years of experience.

Salary Level: 4
Salary scale: R 145 281 Per annum

Job description

  • Transportation of school and Hostel learners
  • Transportation of learners during emergency cases after hours, as per arrangement
  • Transportation of gods needed for Hostels and School
  • Perform messenger functions and routine office/hostel support functions.

Minimum requirements

  • Valid Driver’s licence
  • PDP
  • AET Level 4 /Grade 9 (2- 5 years’ experience).

Salary Level: 4
Salary scale: R 145 281 Per annum

Job description

  • Recording of written information on paper, or computer. (Typing of all documents regarding to learner and staff related matters)
  • Organize office and filing system
  • Duplication and copying of all learner and staff related work
  • Liaison with public, parents and learners. (Less complicated routine enquiries)
  • Manage and retrieve routine information. (Admission, learner transfers)
  • Maintain diaries
  • Handle less complicated financial matters. (Prepare payments, process correspondence/enquiries)

Minimum requirements

  • Grade 12 with at least 1 year relevant experience.

Salary Level: 5
Salary scale: R 173 703 Per annum

Job description

  • Finances, Budget and stock procurement, management and control. Supervision: All hostels staff (Housekeepers, Cooks and Drivers), draw up rosters for staff, ensure compliance with policy (safety, dietary), Hostel maintenance (repair), the running of the day to day running of the Hostel and create a home environment for learners and cleaning processes
  • Mediate between the Head Master and Hostel staff (discipline policy)
  • Implement discipline policy in the Hostel
  • Report and make inputs to SGB
  • Liaise with parents of Hostel learners
  • Emergency standby after hours.

Minimum requirements

  • Grade 12 with at least 5 or more years of experience
  • Experience working with children with disabilities
  • Driver’s licence is recommended.

Salary Level: 6
Salary scale: R 208 284 Per annum

Job description

  • Application of advanced nursing care procedure/perform, advance tasks.

Minimum requirements

  • Tertiary Qualification in Nursing Science (Between 0 and 2 years of experience) PN A-2 (OSD).

Salary Level: 7
Salary scale: R 256 905 Per annum

Application Form

  • Complete and submit separate FORM (Z83) in respect of each post applied for. This FORM is obtainable from any Public Service Department.
  • A unique post number shall be allocated to all advertised post. The post number shall begin with the abbreviation for the relevant district and contains a unique number e.g. EN38PS1001
  • The unique number shall always be 10 characters and must be completed in full.
  • Please ensure that the signature on the application form is original – photocopied signatures will be disqualified.
  • No faxed or e-mailed applications will be accepted.
  • NB! GDE cannot be held liable or responsible for incomplete/incorrect applications and/or applications which are sent to the wrong address (e.g. the incorrect district office) and/or reach their destination after the closing date.

Certification of Documents:

  • ID-document to be attached
  • Certified copies (with original stamp of certification) of all qualifications (if applicable)
  • Please ensure that the application form carries the original signature of the applicant – photocopies of signatures will not be accepted.
  • Certified salary advice slips must be included by applicants from other provinces or departments so as to enable GDE to determine the correct salary notch in the event of an appointment.

TWO methods of submission:

  • Relevant District Office
  • Refer to Annexure C for the physical address.


  • Relevant District Office
  • Refer to Annexure C for the postal address
  • No application forms submitted to schools OR to Registry Office OR
  • Department of Finance (GDF) and its nodal points will be accep.

Closing Date: 17 May 2019.

More Information: Download Original File.