Huawei – Graduate Programme 2020

Job Category: Service Class-Services Family
Location: South Africa/Johannesburg

Job Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for network operations solutions, network planning, and integration of network delivery and maintenance ;
  2. Proficient in ICT network architecture design, keep learning the latest ICT integration and service, responsible for ICT network architecture design and planning;
  3. Proficient in network transformation consulting, responsible for global customers network consultation , and capable of guiding the improvements of the service.

Position Requirements
Professional Knowledge Requirement:

  1. Full-time Bachelor degree or above;
  2. Chinese and English both can be used as working language;
  3. Electronics, computer science, telecommunications, physics, automation, and mathematical science and engineering majors preferred;
  4. Achievement orientation, excellent logical reasoning ability, dare to undertake the responsibility, communicate with others actively, and be willing to work at the frontline.

How to Apply
Apply Online for the Huawei: Graduate / Internship Programme 2020