Gauteng Dept of Education Needs 130 Examinations Assistants and 1664 Quality Assurers

Examinations Assistants x 130
Reference Number (Description)
HO20 (Head Office)
GN20 (Gauteng North)
GW20 (Gauteng West)
TN20 (Tshwane North)
TS20 (Tshwane South)
GE20 (Gauteng East)
EN20 (Ekurhuleni North)
SE20 (Sedibeng East)
SW20 (Sedibeng West)
JE20 (Johannesburg East)
JN20 (Johannesburg North)
JS20 (Johannesburg South)
JC20 (Johannesburg Central)
JW20 (Johannesburg West)
TW20 (Tshwane West)
ES20 (Ekurhuleni South)

Quality Assurers x 1664
Reference Number (Description)
GAUN20 (Gauteng North)
TSHS20 (Tshwane South)
TSHW20 (Tshwane West)
TSHN20 (Tshwane North)
GAUW20 (Gauteng West)
JHBW20 (Johannesburg West)
JHBE20 (Johannesburg East)
JHBC20 (Johannesburg Central)
JHBS20 (Johannesburg South)
JHBN20 (Johannesburg North)
EKRS20 (Ekurhuleni South)
EKRN20 (Ekurhuleni North)
GAUE20 (Gauteng East)
SEDI20 (Sedibeng East and West)

Directorate: Examinations Management

Package: As per applicable Personnel Administrative Measures (PAM) rates


  • An appropriate recognised Academic qualification: Senior Certificate / National Senior Certificate / National Senior Certificate Vocational
  • Only registered students at tertiary institutions, unemployed persons with one or more tertiary qualification and unemployed graduates may apply
  • Applicants must possess advanced numerical skills with Mathematics or Accounting as a compulsory subject
  • Second year and above tertiary students will be advantaged
  • Please indicate previous experience in examinations administration as an Examination Assistant [ Marking Centre or Office based]
  • The nature of the work is linked to tight deadlines and thus requires that the successful candidate be able to work under pressure.

Examinations Assistant at Exams District & Head Offices
Please see above Table for Reference Numbers

  • Daily receive, check, control, scan and pack scripts for marking including indexed archival of scripts after marking
  • Ensure the correct number of scripts and marksheets per batch, subject, paper, and examination session are received, controlled, scanned and these packed for the correct marking venue
  • Ensure that discrepancies regarding the above are addressed per batch, subject, paper, examination session
  • Ensure each bag of scripts include two copies of MP Flow control list of contents, and bag tagged with the correct marking venue colour coded label
  • Create a marking centre file of all scripts to be dispatched for each of the marking venue
  • Assist with dispatching of scripts to the marking venues
  • Receive, control and archive marked scripts at Head Office for easy retrieval as and when required.

Quality Assurer at Marking Centres
Please see above Table for Reference Numbers

  • Receive control and distribute scripts to marking teams
  • Ensure the correct number of scripts and marksheet per batch during marking
  • Assist with controlling, distribution and scanning of scripts
  • Ensure all questions are marked, marks added correctly and correctly transferred to the front cover of the script
  • Ensure that the total on each script is correct and correctly transferred to the marksheet
  • Ensure that discrepancies regarding all the above are addressed by the marking teams and amendments effected accordingly on both the script and marksheet
  • Reconcile the number of scripts, control and arrange scripts per subject, paper, numerically for indexed archival after marking.

Notes: Persons writing National Senior Certificate /Senior Certificate and AET Examinations in 2020, persons who have taken the VSP and persons employed elsewhere may NOT apply and will not be considered.

Enquiries: Mr TS Shange
Telephone number: +27 10 601 8121

Closing Date: 13 September 2020

Criteria Questions

  • Have you passed matric or an equivalent NQF level 4 qualification?
  • Are you currently registered as a tertiary student?
  • What is your current or highest year of study at tertiary?
  • Have you passed Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy at matric/tertiary level?
  • Have you passed Accounting at matric or tertiary level?
  • How many years experience as an Examination Assistant/Quality Assurer?

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large number of applications we envisage receiving, applications will be electronically acknowledged, If you do not receive any response by 01 December 2020, please accept that your application was not successful.